Terms and conditions of sale

  • The buyer takes over the item sold on the order date. As of the order date, the item sold is at the buyer’s own risk.
  • The seller will subsequently be entitled to debit any costs, such as renting of space, handling etc. which may accrue before delivery. The buyer takes over the item sold as it is and where it is. The transaction is binding on the buyer, who is also obliged to observe the agreed terms of payment.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, the item sold will be taken over as inspected. Any objections to the item sold and associated claims against the seller must be made in writing no later than eight (8) days after delivery/takeover.
  • If the terms of payment are not observed, the seller may cancel the transaction without prior notice, resell the item sold and claim damages for any loss incurred. The Seller retains the ownership of the item sold until full payment has been made by the buyer.
  • The buyer may not change, export, mortgage or resell the item sold until full payment has been made.


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