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- and get it delivered at your door, nice and easy!

DanContainer are specialists in renting all types of containers. We offer the following

You only rent for the exact period of time your container is  needed - this way you allways rent at the lowest price possible.

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More about renting a container 

Rent a container - and get it delivered to your door
When you rent a container at DanContainer, You get to choose if you will pick it up at one of our stocks (in all Denmark) or if we deliver the container at your adress, by appointment off course. 

Fast delivery
Most containers are in stock. This way you can rent your container the same day - and usually get it delivered the next day.  

Low rental-prices for all
At DanContainer it makes no difference if you are a private customer or a business customer. You will all pay the same low price for renting a container.

What is the price for container-rental?
The prices for container-rental depends on size, type of container and the period of the rental. Therefore we have no fixed prices, but please contact us for an offer. You will usually receive an answer from us within a few hours. 

About the containers
What most will call a container is a standard non-insulated 20 foot shipping-container. The container is wind- and waterproof. There are many different kinds of containers. Ses all the different containers for hire here.

Buy the container?
If You need the container for a longer period of time, it might be profitable to buy a used container. Please contact us here for further infomation. 


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