Special Containers

- We are specialists in costumized containers

Special Containers are costumized containers convertet to fit your wisches and specifications, for different purposes which ordinary containers can solve, e.g.

  • Service Containers for repairwork
  • Emergency Containers for building sites
  • Tools Containers for contractors, plumbers etc.
  • Festival Containers for merchandise, bar and coffee containers, etc..
  • Store Container (kiosk, grocery store)
  • Exhibition Containers
  • Water Container (eg. Fish farming)
  • Rebuilding Container
  • Interior Container
  • Modified Containers
  • Office Containers
  • House Containers (temporary housing) 

DanContainer customizes containers for all types of solutions where it needs to be mobile, easy and quick to take down and put up.

This is what we do
As a rule, we uses an ordinary 20 or 40 foot container, which is rebuild and customized to your needs. However, it is also possible to customize the smaller mini-containers.



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